Head Coach Jerrod Tucker

Hey, Giants Fans please welcome your New Head Coach Jerrod Tucker!

Coach Tucker will be the new head basketball coach for your 7 Time ABA National Champions Jacksonville Giants. Coach Tucker received a scholarship to play basketball for Bellevue University, where he obtained a degree in sports management. He also has a telecommunications degree from the University of Florida. In his first year with the team, they played in the national championship game, and in the second year, he made it to the Elite Eight with Coach Tucker as the Team Captain both seasons. He then went on to play for the ABA Chicago Fury. After two seasons with the Fury, Coach Tucker met Coach Kevin Waters during a Giants visit to Chicago. That same summer, Coach Waters invited Jerrod to attend the Giants try-outs where he made the team.

In the 2013-2014 season, Coach Tucker was promoted to Team Captain and he also played in the ABA All-Star Game in his hometown Chicago, He would go on to become a 5-time champion during his tenure with the Giants. Coach Jerrod married his wife Yemi in Orlando, and they have now made their home in Jacksonville with their two beautiful daughters.