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Player Ranking

Maurice MickensJacksonville Giants437
Jerrod TuckerJacksonville Giants388
Elijah SmithJacksonville Giants367
Ed HortonJacksonville Giants301
Chris BlakeJacksonville Giants294
Bernard NugentJacksonville Giants284
Jermaine BellJacksonville Giants242
Richard FordJacksonville Giants198
Dazeran JonesJacksonville Giants164
Sherod HarrisJacksonville Giants131
Bruce BrownJacksonville Giants112
Quentin BastianJacksonville Giants86
Calvin WarnerJacksonville Giants64
Fred BrownJacksonville Giants45
RJ WrightJacksonville Giants39
Brendon KnoxJacksonville Giants33
Dontay ShepardJacksonville Giants30
Jeremie HartJacksonville Giants23
Carlos FigueroaJacksonville Giants15
Tiras Wade-6
DYLON CORMIERJacksonville Giants0
Aluk Adub-0
Timotheus AmersonJacksonville Giants0
Rodney WalkerJacksonville Giants0
Shugari AlleyneJacksonville Giants0
Aaron Fisher-0
Larry DumasJacksonville Giants0
Aaron BowenJacksonville Giants0
Miguel PaulJacksonville Giants0
Jerome Clyburn-0
Rashad FaustJacksonville Giants0
Clarence Tillman-0
Ty ThomasJacksonville Giants0
KEITH MCDOUGALDJacksonville Giants0
Travis McConicoJacksonville Giants0
Brent WilliamsJacksonville Giants0
Jerome ClyburnJacksonville Giants0
PJ Gaynor-0
Tahj Wells-0
Robert Hornsby-0
Jamorris GainesJacksonville Giants0