Jacksonville Giants are an ABA (American Basketball Association) professional basketball team that was introduced in 2010. We have been making history and setting ABA records since. We have been to the ABA Final Four every season we have been in existence for 5 consecutive years. The Giants have also won the ABA national championship in back to back seasons in 2012 and 2013. In our inaugural season in 2010, in only the 7th game, the Giants made ABA history by setting a scoring record 206 points in a single game. We were not done there, in 2014 we broke our own ABA record as well as breaking the pro-basketball scoring record by scoring 222 points in a single game VS. The Georgia Roadrunners. The Giants started as an ABA elite team and have continued, and will continue to make Jacksonville proud of its champion Giants.

Here are a few Giants Facts:
• Member of ABA Basketball League 2010-present
• 2 time ABA National Champions
• 5 time Southeast Division Champions
• 2014 ABA Most Charitable Team
• 2012-2013 Team of the Year
• Holds world record for most points in a game (222 points)
• Proud Recipient of 2010/2011 Duval County Public Schools Business Partner Recognition Award
• Member of Jax Sports Pro Coalition
•Arena attendance averages more than 6,000 per game