The Texas Sky Riders is a Professional sports organization dedicated to the mission of helping men, women, youth, and the community grow and develop into diversified athletes, students, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those in the community who are dedicated to the sport of basketball; and help them live a balanced life. Texas Sky Riders give time and talent to provide a specialized training program. Our training program extends far beyond the basketball court. Our program is designed to help the community become better individuals in every realm of their lives. We accentuate the importance of: Family, Academics, Healthy Relationships, Spirituality, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, etc. We believe that it is vital and paramount that our community and participants of the basketball team are impacted in all areas of life. This basketball program is determined in cultivating the community in becoming the best they can possibly be in all life endeavors.

Texas Sky Riders is a Minor League Professional Basketball Team. We plan to be one of the top level minor league teams in the USA, and to strategically move towards becoming a NBA D-League franchise within the next 5 years.

We are a New Professional Basketball Team that is located in Central Texas; covering the Killeen, Temple, Waco and surrounding communities.


​01. Sky Riders Vision

‘It is the earnest desire of the Texas Sky Riders to see you and your family prosper, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Socially, and Financially. It is our hope that you increase and prosper in every dimension of your life. The purpose of this is organization is to assist you in reaching the next phase in your basketball career; allowing you to gain adequate exposure that will give you the leverage needed to progress forward. Our organization will progressively strive hard to help prepare you to succeed.

02. Team Purpose & Mission
The Purpose of the Texas Shy Riders is to:

Be a great example through recreation in our community
Empower & cultivate our community and each other
Represent Character on and off the basketball court
Support each other as we progress forward to the next phase of our careers
Impact the lives of every individual that we come in contact with
Make a difference in the lives of many

03. Our Core Values
Mutual respect for each other, and a commitment of excellence, innovation, and integrity in everything that we do
The Sky Riders serves as a trustworthy and responsible representative of our fans and community
We build fan loyalty through exceptional service, product excellence, and maximization of customer value
Sound business and basketball decisions that will guide development and growth. Growing new basketball fans, and providing superior entertainment value and service
Every game, event and program create a sense of excitement and lasting memories for fans
Foster and support community outreach programs and activities with positive educational, civic, environmental and humanitarian values that benefit and enhance the quality of life in our fan base
By helping our sponsors build their brands and grow their business