Giants Fans! We are roughly two weeks through our ABA season, and your defending champion Jacksonville Giants continue to assert themselves as one of the top forces in the league. With a commanding 33 point victory this past Saturday over the Atlanta Aliens, it is evident the Giants have not lost a step since the cancellation of last season, when they were competing for the title with a 25-1 record. Whether it has been making the extra pass or getting back on defense, the team has proven that hustle and teamwork are the main points of focus with a reduced season.
In a radio interview with Brent Martineau on ESPN 690 last week, coach Jerry Williams emphasized the importance of using last year’s postponed season as fuel to drive the Giants to the finish line this season. With only two practices with the team in its entirety before the start of the season, the squad is still warming up to each other’s new faces, but a pair of wins by a combined 88 points can surely help team chemistry.
The teamwork doesn’t all come on the court, but also in the bleachers, as Giants fans have shown their true colors and cheered on their home champs in astounding fashion for both games thus far. Whether it is the horns blowing or the “Let’s Go Giants chants” the presence of the crowd has been noticed. Following COVID Protocols, within the safe and regulated environment, the fans have been rocking and rolling, as they will need to throughout this entire year to push their champs to yet another title.

-Jared Gravel