BruceBrownBruce Brown

Position: Center
Jersey Number: 44
Hometown: Richmond, VA
DOB: 7-25-83
College: Hampton University
Notables: Played for Harlem Globetrotters


2015-2016Jacksonville Giants18186.20.7870.6360.7502.

bruceprofileA second year veteran of the Giants, 7’ center Bruce Brown is known for his ferocious play down in the low post. His
aggressive rebounding and thunderous slam dunks has “Downtown Brown” quickly becoming a fan favorite! He has the
same compassion off the court and has quickly became a community favorite.
Brown grew up in Richmond, Virginia and began playing basketball at age 6. After watching his father play the sport, he
would try to mimic whatever he did and that is what ultimately inspired him to pursue the sport. Brown also played tennis
and volleyball – and actually led the state in blocks!
Basketball has always been a passion for Brown, but he enjoyed his studies as well. The influence of his mom led him to
focus a lot of his energy on studying and doing well in school. As a result, he was a straight A and Honor Roll student
through out his academic career, eventually pursuing a degree in Child Psychology from Hampton University.
If he were not playing basketball, he would be teaching. “It all depends on how you talk to them and relate. Building a
better relationship with the students makes all the difference. I worked at a charter school in North Carolina as a Teacher’s
Assistant. I taught all middle school and elementary students and loved it. I also had the opportunity to coach the boys’
team – I could relate to them a lot because of my background,” said Bruce Brown of his teaching background.
Brown played for 2 years with the Fayetteville Flight before joining the Giants Family last year. He wears jersey #44 and
has enjoyed getting to know his teammates.“This is a great group of guys –hard working and determined. They make me
better and want me to be better,” explained Brown of his relationship with his new teammates.
His number one priority? Being a great dad. Brown has one little girl who is currently 9 years old and lives in Fayetteville.
She is his motivation to do everything better. His career goals after basketball are incredibly inspiring. He hopes to receive
his doctorate in counseling and open up a practice counseling children and families.
The Giants are thrilled to have Downtown Brown back on the team for Season 6 and look forward to watching him
progress as a key player both on and off the court.