No student should be subjected to violence and humiliation at school or riding the bus! The challenges of getting a good education are plenty enough without the distraction of living in fear of other students. Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are also a source of cruelty and humiliation for young people in this digital age of instant communication.

Bullies are Cowards is an ABA league-wide program supported by over 90 ABA franchise teams. The program’s goal is to decrease incidents of bullying in schools and playgrounds, aboard school buses and on Internet social sites using proven intervention and conflict resolution skills. The Jacksonville Giants endorse this important program as part of their school visits and classroom reading promotions.

For more information from the ABA on this, click Bully-Free ABA.


At school, in the neighborhood, on the bus, or online if you are bullied:

  1. Stick with friends. There is safety in numbers. Avoid being alone in target areas like locker rooms, restrooms and places where the bully hangs out.
  2. Be assertive and confident. Stand up for yourself. Use body language to show you’re not afraid. Stand up and make eye contact.
  3. Ignore the bully. Walk away. Don’t respond. Get out of the situation.
  4. Agree with the bully’s comments. Say, “whatever” or “you’re right” and walk away.
  5. Don’t seek revenge. Using violence to solve problems only makes things worse.
  6. Get help. Don’t keep it a secret. Ask adults or friends for help, and report all bullying incidents. That includes online computer bullying.

If someone else is bullied:

  1. Don’t be a bystander. When no one speaks up, bullies think they can get away with it.
  2. Refuse to join in. Don’t take part in the bullying. Refuse to even watch.
  3. Speak out. Distract the bully by using humor or changing the subject. Talk to the bully later, in private.
  4. Stand up for the victim. Tell the bully to stop and get a group to do this with you.
  5. Give support. Talk to the person bullied in private. Be a friend to that person. Make an effort to include others who are left out or rejected.
  6. Get an adult. Report any bullying you see to teachers or other adults. They can set clear, non-violent consequences for future bullying behavior.

The Jacksonville Giants support the importance of a good education. Make it your goal to stay in school!