EdHortonEd Horton
Position: Guard
Jersey Number: 11
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 195
Hometown: Shreeveport, LA
DOB: …
College: Murray State University


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During the GIANTS’ home games, point guard Ed “Hollywood” Horton is known for his intensity on the floor. He can be heard shouting plays and keeping his teammates in line to  avoid missed assignments. For some it’s just fun, but for Ed, the game of basketball is more —  it’s about a second chance in life. In 2004, immediately following a game, Ed and nine of his Navarro Junior College teammates were  returning home in a 15-passenger school van. The driver of the van realized he had missed an exit.
To correct his mistake, he attempted to make a U-turn. Without warning, a tractor trailer driving at full speed slammed into their van killing two of Ed’s teammates on impact. Ed and six others were injured and admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Ed put it this way, “Before that day, I was just playing basketball ‘because’ – I didn’t take it seriously. I was only using it to get me through school and wasn’t giving it my all. But after the death of my friends and teammates, I vowed to always play my heart out.” Adding, “I realized that tomorrow is never promised, and even more so, that you should always give your all in whatever it is you do.” “The two guys that died were actually walk-ons. I would always ask them why they always played so hard. They told me that it was be­ cause they never have this opportunity again. That accident was a huge wake-up call for me. You know it changed the way I viewed life — period.” During his college career, he set records. In fact, in his Freshman year at Navarro Junior College, he scored the first triple double in the schools’ history. As a sophomore, Ed was second-team all conference as well as part of the All Conference Tournament in Region 14. Ed led the conference in 3 point percentage at 52% and was ranked 5th in the country. He averaged 12.5 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals. in 2005, he transferred to Murray State University and helped lead the team to the NCAA Tournament in his Junior year. They lost to North Carolina but he scored 10 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals.
In professional ball, Ed’s overall statistics demonstrate that he takes the game seriously. He averages 16.7 points per game, shooting 58.3% from the field, 47.7% from 3-point range, and 90.6% from the free-throw line. When asked about Ed’s performance, GIANTS head coach Kevin Waters exclaimed, “His statistics say it all. Ed’s performance on the court is full-speed. And you haven’t even mentioned his steals. He creates turnovers which provide the team with the opportunity to use the ABA 3-D rule to its full advantage. That’s why our score is always so high!” The team’s emotional leader, Ed was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He hopes his passion for the game leads him to a National Championship. Leaning back in his chair and with his characteristic wide smile, Ed said, “After I win the championship and can’t play anymore, I want to start coaching.” He loves the game of basketball so much that after playing professionally, he plans to use his business degree to open a training facility in his home town. “I would focus on teaching the fundamentals of basketball, strength training, and physical fitness.” Not only does he plan to run the facility but will act as its personal trainer as well. When asked what he plans to do when he retires, Ed answered, “I just want to relax. I’m actually a home­ body. I’m not really as feisty as I look on the court. Just during the game. I like hanging out with my girlfriend and enjoying life.” Until that day we can enjoy Ed’s lively, energetic performance on the basketball court.