The defending ABA champion Jacksonville Giants are headed back to the Championship, with championship number 7 in sight. The Jacksonville Giants took down the Steel City Yellow Jackets in a thrilling 117-105 victory Saturday night. 


A game that included a plethora of technical fouls, an evaporated 27 point lead, and slam dunks on both ends lacked anything but excitement for the St. Louis crowd. Whether it was chatter in between plays or an extra push after the whistle, it was evident that each team wanted to leave with a win no matter the cost. 


Coach Jerry Williams showed everyone why he is a former Coach of the Year, as he adapted to a new game plan away from the 3 point perimeter. The Giants have left their mark behind the arc all season, and it seems that the Yellow Jackets were fully prepared to meet them out there. Leading 52-25 in the 2nd quarter, it seemed the Giants were ready to run away with the game, but the Yellow Jackets intensified their defense and got running in transition to narrow the lead before half. With that being said, elusive finishes at the rim by Bernard Nugent and powerful approaches by Charles McRoy II proved to be the difference maker as the Giants held on to prevail over the Pittsburgh based squad. All-star Bernard Nugent led all scorers with 32 points and Calvin Warner put together a double-double to lead the way. 


The focus is all towards the winner of tonight’s latter Final Four match between St. Louis and Chicago. The Giants are going to try and fuel this energetic team win towards tomorrow’s championship game at 2pm, envisioning that 7th title in a roller coaster of a season.

-Jared Gravel