JerrodTuckerJerrod Tucker
Position: Forward
Jersey Number: 21
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 230
Hometown: Chicago, IL
DOB: 10-26-1986
College: Belleview University
Notables: GBSL Tournament Co – MVP (2013); All MCAC 2009 (Bellevue University); All Skyway Conf – 2006, 2007; Region IV Tournament MVP – 2007


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Jerrod Tucker recalls watching the older kids play basketball at his neighborhood park in Chicago when he was younger. He says they finally gave him the chance to play with them when he was 7 years old. With a smile, Jerrod admits he was terrible.  “I learned a lot just watching them,” he says. Tucker continued playing in school but didn’t become serious about the sport until he was an upperclassman in highschool and realized that basketball could pay his way though college. Tucker earned a scholarship to Oakton Community College where he played for two years before transferring to Bellevue University in Nebraska on another scholarship. In his first year with the team they played in the national championship game and in the second year made it to the Elite Eight with Tucker serving as Team Captain both seasons. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in Sports Management. After college, Tucker landed a coaching job with a high school basketball team and worked for a non-profit organization. Some friends who played with the ABA Chicago Fury suggested he try out, and he was signed. After two seasons with the Fury,Tucker caught the eye of coach Kevin Waters during a GIANTS visit to Chicago. Over the summer, Coach Waters invited Jerrod to attend the GIANTS try-outs. “Tucker brings his lunch pail and hard had to work every day. He does all the dirty work and he’s a pleasure to have in this organization,” stated Waters. Tucker is a powerful guard with the strong ability to play out of position when needed. As a natural guard he exhibits an impressive level of agility though he his big enough to be a force in the post. Last season, teammate Ed “Hollywood” Horton compare Tucker’s playing style to that of the NBA’s Glen Davis, and says, “He’s a talented solid player.” Tucker was promoted to Team Captain for the 2013-2014 season, a well deserved honor. Jerrod married his fiancee Yemisi in Orlando
during the off-season and they now make their home in Jacksonville. Yemisi is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and she graduated
from the University of Florida with a Marketing degree. She now works for Verizon communications. Jerrod played in the 2013 ABA All-Star Game in his hometown of Chicago and spent time in New York City over the summer. When he wraps up his playing career he wants to move back to Chicago and start up a non-profit organization dedicated to helping inner-city youth. He plans to include a basketball program, an after school program and youth counseling.