Current Team
Jacksonville Giants

Position: Small Forward
Number: 21
Height: 6’5
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Current Team: JAX Giants
Hobbies: Tuck enjoys reading and watching movies
Date of birth: 10/26/1986

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Jerrod Tucker has been the team captain for the Giants since 2013 and is a player who can player that can play as well as defend multiple positions. As a guard, his speed and quickness gives him an advantage against opposing defenders on the offensive end. In addition, with his size and weight he is able to take smaller defenders in the post.

Admittedly, Tucker states was not the best basketball player growing up. However, once he started to take the game serious as an upperclassman in high school, he realized that basketball could pay his way through college.

Tucker would start his college basketball journey at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois where he earned a scholarship. Thereafter, he would transfer to Bellevue University in Nebraska on yet another scholarship.

Tucker would be named team captain in the two years that he played with the Bruin Bears and in his first year with the ball club, he would lead the team to the national championship game. In addition, he would lead the team to an elite eight appearance his second year.

After graduating with a degree in Sports Management in 2009, Tucker would begin coaching high school basketball and working for a non-profit organization. Tucker would then play two years with the American Basketball Association’s Chicago Fury after trying out for the roster. It would be then where Tucker would find his way to the Giants franchise after catching the eye of former head coach Kevin Waters during a Giants visit to Chicago.

Tucker enjoys reading and watching movies in his off time as well as spending time with his wife Yemisi and their beautiful daughter. The family has enjoyed life in Jacksonville since Tucker has been with the team.

When Tucker decides that it’s time for him to put down the basketball, he wants to move back to his hometown of Chicago and start a non-profit organization designed to help inner-city youth. In addition, plans to include a basketball, after school and youth counseling programs within the non-profit.

Professional Information:

College Experience:
Tucker earned a scholarship to Oakton Community College where he played for two years before transferring to Bellevue University in Nebraska on another scholarship.
Fun Fact:
Tucker recently welcomed into this world, with his wife, a beautiful baby girl.
Noteworthy Stats:
Jerrod Tucker is one of those tough as nails players you need on a team to win. He works hard every night and he gets the job done on both ends of the floor. Before playing for the Giants, Tucker started his professional career with the Chicago Fury where he played for 2 seasons. The 3- time ABA national champion was named team captain of the Jacksonville Giants because of his relentless work ethic and his ability to keep the team together. Jerrod Tucker will play a key factor in this upcoming season in keeping the winning tradition going with Head Coach Jerry Williams.


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